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Company Profile

"Our mission is straightforward - Simplify, Plan, Protect."

Bright Asset Management provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management services for individuals, families, and small business owners. Our mission statement is straightforward – Simplify, Plan, Protect. We provide a holistic approach to managing all the aspects of each client’s particular financial situation. We work with you to simplify all the facets of your financial life, develop a plan to meet future needs and objectives, and formulate a strategy to protect and grow your assets.




At Bright Asset Management our first priority is to simplify your life. Whether consolidating your various loans, paying down debt, establishing a budget, setting up online bill payment, or combining your various bank and investment accounts, we want to decrease the amount of time and paperwork involved in managing your finances, so you can spend more time enjoying your life.




The next part of the process involves the development of a unique and comprehensive financial and savings plan tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether planning for your retirement, preparing for future college costs, purchasing a first or second home, or developing a strategy to effectively pass assets to your heirs, we will work together to determine your needs and develop a plan to achieve your objectives. We also realize your needs and goals change over time, so as needed we will update your plan to adjust to your changing life.




You have worked hard to accumulate assets over your lifetime. You want assurance that your assets will provide a means to achieving your goals – both short and long term. We will develop a detailed savings and investment program that best meets your own specific objectives, within acceptable risk parameters. All aspects of your savings and investment program are designed to support and complement the other areas of your financial life. In addition, we can demonstrate how smarter tax strategies will improve your cash flow and reduce income taxes. 

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